The first 2014-2015 Basketball Coaches' Meeting/Re-Certification is scheduled for October 20th for the tri-deanery grade school leagues. The first metro Toledo area meeting is scheduled for October 28th.  Download a registration form for any remaining class.

CYO Day at Dick's Sporting Goods Stores Saturday, August 2, 2014 (posted 6/30/14)

What does that CYO lanyard signify? (posted 8/4/14)


  • Metro Toledo Grade School Leagues
  • Tri-Deanery/Mansfield Area Grade School Leagues
  • Metro-Toledo High School Leagues
  • Hearthstone High School Leagues

For more information and forms regarding the 2014 State Tournament, please visit

2013-14 General Basketball Rules

2013-14 Metro Toledo Specific Basketball Rules

Weekly Schedule of CYO games for 2/22 & 2/23/14 (posted 2/18/14)

Tournament Brackets

2014 8th Grade Letter to Accompany Tournaments (posted 1/30/14)

Girls:     8-Super     8-A
Boys:    8-Super     8-AAA     8-AA     8-A

Letter to Accompany 2014 5th & 6th Grade Toledo Area Tournaments (posted 2/7/14)
5th Grade Girls AA
     5th Grade Girls A
6th Grade Girls AA     6th Grade Girls A

5th Grade Boys AA     5th Grade Boys A
6th Grade Boys AAA     6th Grade Boys AA     6th Grade Boys A

Letter to Accompany 2014 7th Grade Toledo Area Tournaments (posted 2/13/14)
7th Grade Girls AA     7th Grade Girls A
7th Grade Boys AA     7th Grade Boys A

Letter to Accompany 2014 8th Grade Diocesan Tournaments (posted 2/18/14)
8th Grade Girls
8th Grade Boys

League Schedules
3rd Grade Alter
4th Grade Schrembs     4th Grade Stritch
5th Grade Blair
     5th Grade Donnelly     
6th Grade Rehring     6th Grade Donovan     6th Grade Hoffman
7th Alter
8th Grade Schrembs     8th Grade Stritch

3rd Grade Donovan
4th Grade Alter     4th Grade Rehring
5th Grade Schrembs     5th Grade Stritch
6th Grade Blair     6th Grade Hoffman     6th Grade Donnelly
7th Grade Rehring   7th Grade Donovan
8th Grade Schrembs   8th Grade Stritch     8th Grade Alter

League Standings
Girls:    6th Grade Girls     7th/8th Grade Girls
Boys:   6th Grade Boys     7th Grade Boys     8th Grade Boys