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The Family Service Advisors at the Catholic Cemeteries will assist you with all your cemetery needs with care and compassion. They are available during normal business hours and appointments are not necessary.

There are four cemetery issues that must be arranged for at a time of need.

Deciding which cemetery to use and obtaining your burial rights. Your choices for burial rights are:

  • In-ground - Traditional grave or lawn crypt (interment)
  • Above ground - Community or private mausoleum (entombment)
  • Cremains burial (inurnment) either in-ground or above.

Professional fees for opening and closing the chosen burial space.

Choosing a burial vault if necessary.

Choosing your memorialization.  

48-hour notice and a signed committal verification is required prior to all services at the Catholic Cemeteries of Toledo. Burial space, vault and professional fees must be paid in full prior to the day of the cemetery service.

Mausoleums, Chapel and Garden

  • Adorned with marble and granite
  • Religious features inspiring prayer and meditation
  • Personalized entombment services held in chapel, offering protection from inclement weather

Mausoleums Family Estate

All private mausoleums are made from hand-crafted, polished granite of unparalleled strength, durability, and beauty.

Private Family Side Companion Crypt
Individual Crypt Vertical Crypt

Lawn Crypt Burial is...

  • The most economical approach to Christian burial
  • Referred to as an inground mausoleum
  • Crypts are resting on a clean and dry gravel bed and encased in a protective gravel shell
  • Combines the beauty of a garden with the security of mausoleum entombment at an affordable price

The Importance of Memorialization...

  • Eliminates the problem of an unmarked burial space
  • Provides personal expression of love and respect for the life of the deceased
  • Provides an opportunity to honor and commemorate the life of the deceased
Granite Marker Granite Monument

Honor, love and respect your loves ones with a quality memorial from Catholic Cemeteries. From  design studio through production, Catholic Cemeteries incorporates the state-of-the-art designs with the world’s finest granites to produce tributes that last through the ages.
Whether you choose a standard design or create your own custom design, you will have an opportunity to preview your memorial prior to production. Catholic Cemeteries offers hundreds of classic designs from custom markers to upright monuments. We also offer a variety of standard and custom cremation memorials.

A granite memorial is permanent symbol of your commitment and respect. When you choose a memorial from Catholic Cemeteries, you are assured of unsurpassed quality and complete satisfaction. The promise is backed by a 100 year old reputation and a full perpetual warranty on all branded products.


There are two basic types of outer burial containers / burial vaults — non-protective and protective. Protective vaults are available in double and single reinforced models.

Protects Interment Space from
Continual Ground Settlement
Single Reinforced / Polystyrene Lined
 Monticello • Continental • Venetian*
 * - ABS Merbelon Interior
* Provides Protective Qualities About the Casket
* Bonded Seamless Polystyrene Insert for Added Protection and Strength
* Tongue and Groove Sealing System
Double Reinforced / Metal Lined
 Bronze • Stainless Steel • Copper

Metal Lid & Interior
Bronze Supreme (shown to the left)
 Triple Reinforced Concrete
 Over Marbelon

Catholic Cemeteries offers 3 basic types of options for those who are cremated. Each option provides a distinct memorializtion for your loved one.

  • Mausoleum Niches
  • Columbarian Niches
  • Ground Burial — Cremation Garden

Ground Burial - Cremation Garden

  • Interment Space
  • Um Vault
  • Memorial
  • Interment Services
Mausoleum Niches
Resurrection Cemetery
Garden Niche • Chapel Niche
Glass-Front Niche
Columbarian Niches
 Calvary Cemetery
 Columbarian #1 • Columbarian #2
Cremation Garden • Um Vault
 Granite Marker

The Toledo area Catholic Cemeteries offers a choice of burial lots at all three of its cemeteries. The Catholic Cemeteries offers lots in a variety of sizes from single graves to family lots. The cost of the lot includes the perpetual care of the space. Cemetery lots are pre-designated as "Marker" or "Monument" spaces. Cemetery location and the type of memorialization you prefer will determine the lot you purchase. A Family Service Advisor will review your lot options and available choices, allowing you to make the appropriate selection to meet your needs.

Making cemetery and mortuary arrangements in advance of need is both a loving and financially wise thing to do. Advance planning provides a family reassurance, comfort and peace of mind.

Such thoughtfulness relieves family members from shouldering the burden during a most stressful time, allowing for careful decision-making in an unhurried atmosphere, and assuring that your expressed wishes will be followed. The added affordability of working with today's prices as opposed to tomorrow's can also represent a significant savings.

You owe it to yourself and to your family to explore the many advantages of advance planning.

To know more, please call one of the numbers below and a family service advisor can answer any questions you may have.

  • Resurrection  419-531-5747
  • Calvary  419-536-3751
  • Mt. Carmel  419-531-5747 or 419-536-3751