Coaches’ Certification

In order to leave a certifcation class with the 2020-21 CYO coach's lanyard, a coach must have already previously submitted his/her NFHS Concussion Awareness Online Certificate to the CYO Office within the last 3 years.  In addition, a coach must have already previously completed the online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Class (directions listed below) that became law on August 1, 2017.  Otherwise, the coach will leave certification without his/her lanyard and receive it when the Concussion Certificate of Completion has been submitted to CYO.

2020-2021 Coaches' Certification Class Schedule (revised 9/9/20)

Instructions to take NFHS online Concussion Course (posted 7/5/17)

Link to online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course (posted 8/16/17)

Link to take NFHS COVID-19 Course (posted 8/20/20)

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