Policies and Procedures

2017-2018 C.Y.O. ATHLETIC POLICIES & PROCEDURES (and forms)

Introduction: Mission / Focus / Spiritual Formation / Funding

Personnel:   CYO Staff / Diocesan Director of CYO Athletics / Assistant Diocesan Director of CYO Athletics / CYO Chaplain / CYO Sports Commissioners / CYO Administrative Assistant / CYO Advisory Committee

Parish Athletic Director:  Parish Athletic Director Basic Duties / Parish Athletic Budget

Coaches:  Coaches’ Eligibility / Coaches’ Pre-Season Responsibilities / Coaches’ General Responsibilities / Coaches’ Transportation Liability

Conduct and Character:  Expected Behavior & Positive Cheering / Discipline

Supervision of Youth:  Adult Behavior with Children / Child Abuse and/or Neglect / Gangs/Gang Related Activity / Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Weapons

Participants:  Player Eligibility / Player Grade & Age Divisions

Safety Regulations

League and Tournament Play:  League Assignments and Schedules / Balanced Calendar / Academic Schedule / Forfeits / Officials / Game Report Forms / Protests

CYO Web Site, CYO Social Media, CYO Privacy Policy, and Conclusion


I. "The Parish And Athletics" by Fr. James Bacik
II. Official CYO Team Prayer
III. Official Diocesan 2016-2017 CYO Coaches’ Certification Schedule
IV. Official Diocesan CYO “Coach’s Code of Ethics” form
V. Official Diocesan CYO “Team Entry” form
VI. Sample “Parents’ Meeting” Agenda
VII. Sample “Emergency Contingency Plan” form
VIII. Official CYO diocesan “Emergency Medical Authorization” form
IX. Sample CYO Athletic Coach’s Checklist
X. Official Diocesan CYO “Player/Parent Contract”
(this is the form that requires a medical examiner’s signature)
XI. Official Diocesan CYO “Team Roster” form
XII. Official Diocesan CYO 2016-17 Athletic Fee Sheet
XIII. “Suggestions to Coaches/Coach as a Role Model”
XIV. Official Diocesan CYO “Transfer Request Application” form
XV. Recommended “Communicable Disease Procedures”
XVI. Official Diocesan CYO “Injury Report” form
XVII. Official Diocesan CYO “Game Report” form
XVIII. Official Diocesan CYO Late Roster Addition Form
XIX. Official Diocesan “Expectations for All those who Minister to Youth” form
XX. H1N1 Virus Guidelines
XXI. Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet
XXII. Acknowledgement of Having Read ODH Concussion Information Sheet
XXIII. Return to Play After Suspected Concussion Injury Form
XXIV. Official Diocesan CYO 2016-2017 Athletic Calendar


Any questions, contact the CYO office, 419.244.6711.