Intercultural Ministries

Andrea De la Roca

Coordinator, Intercultural Ministries

Department of Discipleship and Family Life


Diocese of Toledo
1933 Spielbusch
Toledo, OH 43604-5360

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The Office of Intercultural Ministries seeks to impact and transform people and families of the Diocese of Toledo by providing formation, evangelization and education experiences, fostering a multicultural identity to create a new cultural meaning in our own context. This office embraces a missionary effort of inculturating the Diocese of Toledo with the values of the Gospel in a two-dimensional way:

  • One external dimension, which aimes to create awareness of the richness of our cultural groups generating and supporting experiences of the entire diocese and the public, celebrating every cultural group represented in the diocese.
  • An internal dimension, which aims to advocate, train, educate and provide an intercultural meaning to every planning and decision-making process of the diocesan offices, schools and parishes, in order to advance in the theology of intercultural ministry.