Background Checks

What kind of background check do I need to work or volunteer in the Diocese of Toledo?

Please note, these are the Diocesan minimums. Each entity may demand that its employees/volunteers have further requirements. Be sure to notify the Diocese of Toledo parish/school/entity that you will be working/volunteering for that you will be obtaining a background check so that they may provide you with any entity-specific information that you will need to know prior to your background check.


Online Social Security Number background check via (accessed through VIRTUS), needed every 5 years

Parish Employees

FBI Fingerprint background check
Online Social Security Number background check via (accessed through VIRTUS), needed every 5 years

Licensed School Employees

FBI fingerprint background check needed every 5 years
Online Social Security Number background check via (accessed through VIRTUS), needed every 5 years

Non-licensed School Employees

FBI fingerprint background check needed every 5 years
BCI fingerprint background check needed every 5 years

Where can I be fingerprinted?

If you will be in the downtown Toledo area, fingerprinting services are available at the Diocese of Toledo, Pastoral Center. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact your compliance officer or Carla Barr, for access to the sign-up link.

Address: 1933 Spielbusch Ave., Toledo, OH 43604

Hours: Tuesdays 10 am–12 pm and Thursdays 9 am–12 pm, 2 pm–3pm.

Cost: $30 for FBI and $30 for BCI (Ohio), and $60 for both. Cash and check payment only (no debit or credit cards accepted), checks should be made payable to Diocese of Toledo.

The electronic process takes approximately 20 minutes. A driver’s license, along with the applicable fee, will be required at the time of service.

If you are unable to schedule an appointment at the Pastoral Center, you can locate a WebCheck location near you.

Find a WebCheck Location

I’m not an employee or volunteer at a Diocese of Toledo parish/school/entity, can I still utilize the fingerprinting services at the Catholic Center?

No, at this time we only provide fingerprinting services to employees and volunteers of Diocese of Toledo parishes, schools, and entities including those affiliated institutions such as Catholic Club and Catholic Charities.

How long does it take for results to get to my parish/school/entity?

For those printed at the Pastoral Center, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will post your results electronically for the Pastoral Center to view. This can sometimes take as little as an hour and can other times take several weeks. Please know that this is out of the control of the Diocese of Toledo. Fingerprinting results are posted weekly. If they have been returned, to the Diocese of Toledo, your compliance officer will have access to the results once they are posted. In addition, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will also send a copy directly to the Ohio Department of Education.

If you are fingerprinted at a WebCheck location other than the one at the Pastoral Center, it is your responsibility to request that your results be sent to the Pastoral Center or our parish/school/entity. An instruction sheet is available from your compliance officer.

If you have questions about why your results have not yet been released, please contact Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Civilian Identification Office at 877-244-0043.

I know I have a record, now what?

Often times, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will not release your record directly to the Diocese of Toledo. Instead, the Ohio Attorney General’s office will send a letter indicating the individual may have a record. When the Diocese of Toledo receives this letter, a form will be mailed directly to you for completion. The form should be sent to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and they will mail your record back to you. If you receive your record, you should share it with your parish/school compliance officer or it can be sent directly to the Pastoral Center, Attn: Jacqueline Maume. Your record will be reviewed and then your parish or school will contact you to notify you of your eligibility or restrictions to work or volunteer.

If you have additional questions about background checks and the specific requirements for your parish/school or Diocesan entity, please contact the parish/school/entity directly and ask to speak with the safe environment compliance officer.