Catholic Funerals

The Diocese of Toledo engaged Catholic Funeral Cemetery Services (CFCS) to manage the Cemeteries, and improve the operations and financial results. CFCS is a non-profit cemetery management corporation, formed by the Diocese of Oakland, which manages numerous dioceses’ cemeteries throughout the United States. The scope of services provided by CFCS to the Cemeteries included staffing an on-site director to oversee the day-to-day operations, managing/training the Cemeteries employees, and growing outreach and sales efforts. Effective April 1, 2022, CFCS will take on the complete day-to-day operational and financial responsibilities of the three diocesan cemeteries. This will allow CFCS to streamline processes, more fully leverage their expertise and experience, and invest the necessary capital to improve and grow inventory and sales. The Diocese will continue to own all of the Cemeteries property and the Bishop will retain discretion and control over the Rites of Christian burials. The Diocese will remain connected to the Cemeteries in an oversight capacity through periodic/annual Board and Trustee meetings with CFCS.

Finding Peace At A Time Of Sorrow

Peace be with you. These were the words Jesus spoke to his disciples after his death. They were feeling anything but peaceful at the time, but with these words they began to gain a new understanding of Jesus' death and resurrection and the promise they gave for everlasting life.

Like the disciples, we too often feel anything but peaceful at the time of the death of a loved one, no matter how prepared we were for it. But also, like the disciples, we have this promise of everlasting life which sustains us and gives us peace in the hope that we will be reunited with those we love.

At the same time that we struggle to understand the reality of death and the hope of resurrection, we are faced with the need to make funeral arrangements. Many of our Catholic faithful find themselves in this experience with little or no prior knowledge or experience. Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Toledo has developed this information to assist you in preparing for a Catholic burial.

There are three areas which require attention when making funeral arrangements:

  • Liturgical and spiritual questions that are most properly the concern of the pastor and the parish community
  • Procedural matters that need to be addressed at the funeral home
  • Services of the Catholic cemetery

Decisions regarding these three liturgical moments are best made with the parish ministers at the outset of formulating the funeral arrangements. With these liturgical considerations in mind, arrangements can then be made with the funeral director of your choice and your Catholic cemetery.