Calvary Cemetery, the largest Catholic cemetery in Toledo in terms of interments, sits on 140 acres of beautiful rolling land in the very heart of Toledo.

Its central location makes it easily accessible from two major thoroughfares and it stands prominent among many other treasures of the Diocese of Toledo. Founded in 1886 as the burial place for the dead of all congregations of the city, the cemetery today has recorded over 106,000 interments, including the former Governor of the State of Ohio, Michael V. DiSalle.

Attributes include a beautiful Rotunda Mausoleum with 800 crypts and a chapel with a seating capacity for 200. Scattered throughout the rolling terrain are 16 personal/family mausoleums, 4 infant sections, 4 veterans sections, and a beautiful Veterans Memorial that was completed in 1999.

Following the 4 miles of winding roadway, you will come upon religious sections for the Little Sisters of the Poor, Ursuline Sisters, Sisters of Notre Dame and deceased Bishops from the Diocese of Toledo.

From a memorialization standpoint, it is hard to miss the 28' family monument located in section 7, or the beautiful shrine in section 9, commemorating the many Priests and former Bishops buried nearby. Toledo Calvary Cemetery is truly a most fitting resting place for current or former Catholics from the Diocese of Toledo.

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