Catholic Investment Trust

The Catholic Investment Trust (Trust), created July 2019, is an Ohio express charitable trust, registered as a tax-exempt entity with the IRS under the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) group ruling and which otherwise complies with canon law. The Trust was established for the specific purpose of holding unrestricted and restricted funds, to include endowment assets of Diocesan parishes, schools, cemeteries, and other entities. The Catholic Investment Trust Committee, along with the Diocese of Toledo Management Corporation (Administrator), and the Trustee collectively provide governance oversight of the Trust operations and funds held.

    Primary features of the Trust:

    • Safeguards trust funds by offering an unprecedented level of statutory asset protection

    • Embraces the mission of the Catholic Church by providing investment options that comply with the USCCB’s socially responsible investment guidelines

    • Establishes formal participant sub-trusts to segregate and protect assets

    • Prohibits Diocese access to participant funds

    • Offers considerable flexibility in investment and distribution policies, while facilitating compliance with any restrictions and limitations

    • Allows for participant account investment diversification

    • Provides support/guidance in creating the required charter and endowment documents

    The Trust is supported by a professional investment advisor team and the Diocese Investment Committee to create a well-diversified portfolio that optimizes potential returns while limiting risk. A participant account can be allocated as aggressively or conservatively as desired to align with varying risk profiles and liquidity needs. Investment Manager, Advisor, custodian, trustee, and administrator fees associated with this type structure can be as low as 55 basis points, to no more than 61 basis points, depending on the investment pool chosen.

    In the links below you will find a variety of investment and trust related information, as well as links to Trust forms and performance reports.

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