Deposit Loan and Trust

Deposit and Loan Trust Mission Statement

“We, the Church of the Northwestern Ohio, recognize that we are a communion of parishes who are called to work and assist one another inbuilding-up the Kingdom of God. An important element in this communion is the Deposit and Loan Trust.

The Trust exists to provide a secure means for the parishes and related ecclesiastical entities within the Diocese to support one another bydepositing their surplus funds in the Trust, which funds can be loaned to other parishes and related ecclesiastical organizations for thepurchase of real estate, for repair, renovation and/or construction of new facilities.

The Deposit and Loan Trust serves as the primary source of project financing to parishes and related entities within the territory of theDiocese of Toledo at affordable rates, and pays a competitive interest rate on surplus funds deposited in the Trust.”

The Deposit and Loan Trust Committee continues to encourage parishes and other Diocesan entities to support the Trust through deposits of their excess funds. Doing so enables the Trust to provide participating entities with the combination of a highly secure investment option for excess funds, assured compliance with USCCB ‘Socially Responsible Investing Guidelines’, ready access to deposits with no risk of penalty for early withdraw, all at a stable and fair rate of return. Broad participation in the Trust, allows for loans to be made available to a wide variety of qualifying Diocesan entities.