Allegation Against Mr. Steve Urbanski Found Unsubstantiated

Allegation Against Mr. Steve Urbanski Found Unsubstantiated

Today, the Diocese of Toledo was informed by Lucas County Children Services that the allegation reported to the Diocese on December 2, 2022, against Mr. Steve Urbanski, principal at Christ the King School, is unsubstantiated. Under Ohio law, this means that the investigation determined there was no occurrence of child abuse (OAC 5101:2-1-01).

On December 3, 2022, Mr. Urbanski was placed on administrative leave upon the receipt of information regarding an allegation which had been reported directly to Lucas County Children Services. Mr. Urbanski is an employee in good standing, up to date on his required child protection training, current with his Ohio Department of Education licensure requirements, and this is the only such allegation which has ever been received in his regard. Mr. Urbanski denied the allegation which is now proven to be unfounded.

Mr. Urbanski commented, “This has been excruciating for me and my family. Every day I work to ensure the safety of our students. All abuse and neglect situations must be reported. Despite this false accusation against me, I don’t want legitimate cases to go unreported. I look forward to getting back to serving the students and families of Christ the King. Their support during this time has been overwhelming.”

Mr. Matthew Daniels, Senior Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Toledo, remarked, “Mr. Urbanski is an excellent Principal-Minister with an exemplary record of service to our diocese and Christ the King Parish and School. Due to the serious nature of the allegation, we followed our policy which is in place to protect our students. After the Toledo Police Department and Lucas County Children Services completed their investigations, there remains no evidence of any misconduct. We are most grateful that this process is concluded.”

The virtue of justice requires that as victims of abuse must be supported to come forward, so too must those who are wrongly accused be supported in the event of a baseless allegation.

Effective immediately, Mr. Urbanski is reinstated as Principal of Christ the King School.

Posted December 22, 2022 at 5:14 pm