Diocese Pilgrimage, Day 9, Rome, Italy

"Blessed be the Lord Our God!" What a gift to attend the Wednesday Papal Audience, where we were so close to the Holy Father! And what a privilege for me as Bishop personally to greet Pope Francis in your name and offer him our prayers, support and love! Our pilgrimage was then filled with other blessed meetings throughout the day: old friends and new as we waited to enter St Peter's Square for the Audience, Sr Mark and Missionaries of Charity of Dono di Maira Convent in the Vatican, and at the Pontifical North American College the new Rector, Msgr Tom Powers, and folks from our diocese living and working in Rome: our seminarian, Andrew Messer, Notre Dame Sister Pat McClain, Kate Cropp with the Apostles of the Interior Life, Stephen Smith, Music Director of PNAC, and of course, a long time friend Joan Lewis! We were blessed to offer Mass at and tour the Seminary, and take in the rooftop "best view of Rome!" How the Lord has blessed us along the way! We pray with and for Pope Francis and all those for whom we have promised to pray!

Posted October 21, 2022 at 7:00 am