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TOLEDO—To show support for life, people of all faiths are invited to sign a petition at ( The greater Toledo pro-life movement and Ohio Right to Life is urging ProMedica leadership to carefully reconsider their relationship with Capital Care, after signing a transfer agreement with the Toledo abortion facility.

“The Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Toledo is heartbroken,” Bishop Daniel E. Thomas said in a statement released Tuesday, Feb. 13. “ProMedica’s decision to authorize the patient-transfer agreement with Capital Care Network, the only remaining abortion clinic in the metro Toledo area, endorses the taking of innocent human life.

“We believe the aim of all health care providers should be to promote the healing and protection of all human life, not to facilitate the destruction of the most vulnerable in our community,” Bishop Thomas said. “We lament this tragic decision. We exhort all people of good will to join in recognizing and protecting the dignity and sanctity of each human person.”

“It doesn’t make sense that a hospital in the business of saving lives, partners with a facility which soul aim is to end human life, the life of the unborn child,” says Peter Range, Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo Office for Life and Justice.

“Capital Care has been sanctioned and fined by the Ohio Department of Health for violating their own health guidelines,” says Peter Range, Catholic Charities Director of Office for Life and Justice. “ProMedica should exercise patience before partnering with Capital Care which has serious legal issues with the State of Ohio.”

“With the beginning of Lent and ProMedica signing a transfer agreement, our witness and practice of prayer is needed now more than ever,” says Roney Schuster, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo. “I invite you to join many other prayer warriors during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside of Capital Care.”

[baby] This past fall, two babies were saved from abortion in Toledo. Check out this article: In the past three years, 21 babies were saved from the efforts of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo’s Respect Life ministry.

Since the international 40 Days for Life Campaign began in 2007, over 750,000 volunteers in over 40 nations have stood in prayerful witness at abortion clinics to witness to the dignity of human life. Through these prayerful campaigns, over 13,998 babies lives have been saved from abortion, 170 abortion workers have quit their positions, and 90 abortion facilities have shut down.

For more information contact Office for Life and Justice Director Peter Range at or call 419-214-4933.

Posted February 20, 2018 at 8:10 pm