Most Reverend Daniel E. Thomas
Bishop of Toledo

Office of the Bishop

Reverend Monsignor William J. Kubacki, VG
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Serving as Moderator of the Curia, Msgr. Kubacki chairs the Senior Staff and coordinates the activities of the Diocesan senior directors as well as the operations of the Pastoral Center. On behalf of the bishop, he coordinates issues involving temporalities throughout the diocese such as property, construction, and insurance. In addition to this, Msgr. Kubacki advises the bishop on parish matters and diocesan personnel appointments.

Reverend Monsignor Marvin G. Borger, JCL
Senior Director of Clergy, Consecrated Life & Vocations

As senior director of the Department of Clergy, Consecrated Life & Vocations, Msgr. Borger provides special pastoral services on behalf of the Bishop of Toledo for the priests, deacons and religious in the Diocese, including clergy formation, continuing education, faculties, sabbaticals, retreats, convocations, study days, senior status clergy and chairing the Priest Personnel Board and the Deacon Personnel Board.

Sr. Rose Marie Timmer, RSM, JCL

The Chancellor is appointed by the Diocesan Bishop and reports to him as a member of his Senior Staff. The Chancellor expedites canonical matters, records dispensations and decrees, collects and preserves other diocesan and parish records, assists parishes with sacramental records, collects statistical information for the Diocese, and facilitates communications with other dioceses and the Holy See.  The responsibility for preparing the acts and documents of the Curia as well as their preservation in the archives belongs to the Chancellor. By virtue of office, the Chancellor is an ecclesiastical notary.

Mr. Philip A. Renda
Chief Operating Officer - Diocese of Toledo Management Corporation and Finance Officer - Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo in America

The Chief Operations/Finance Officer is responsible for the administration of the temporal goods of the Diocese and their strategic use. Oversees the preparation of strategic and operational plans as well as annual operating budgets for the Diocese and its ecclesiastical organizations. Serves on various committees and boards of related Diocesan organizations in order to provide financial guidance, operational oversight, and promote adherence to Canon Law. Oversees the Directors, Managers and Staff of the Diocese of Toledo Management Corporation.

Deacon Joseph N. Malenfant
Senior Director of Discipleship & Family Life

Deacon Malenfant is responsible for strategic leadership of the Department of Discipleship & Family Life to serve parishes by providing resources, training and specialized expertise so that parishes can develop specific programs and events to reach their parish faith communities.



Mr. Rodney O. Schuster, MBA
Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

As senior director of the Department of Catholic Social Services, Mr. Schuster is responsible for strategic planning, vision and oversight of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Toledo, including the development of outreach initiatives focusing on care for God's creation, human trafficking and immigration.



Mr. Matthew J. Daniels
Senior Director of the Department of Catholic Education

The senior director of the Department of Catholic Education provides leadership, direct supervision and management of the Catholic Education Department team.  This faith-inspired, big picture, strategic, innovative leader promotes and advances the Catholic identity, academic excellence, and ensures the vitality and viability of the Catholic schools. He assists the Bishop of Toledo in his teaching mission by encouraging and supporting leaders of catechetical formation in the parishes and schools, while overseeing catechetical formation from youth to adult, as well as caring for home school families and the formation of lay ecclesial ministry.  

Ms. Kelly Donaghy
Senior Director of Communications

The senior director of the Department of Communications is responsible for media relations and messaging of the Diocese to effectively convey and support the pastoral and administrative priorities of the Office of the Bishop of Toledo, the vision and mission of the Diocese and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. She also guides the development and implementation of external and internal marketing/communications strategies and plans for the Diocese.

This is my Commandment: Love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:13)

God’s presence is found and reflected in our love for him and for one another. It is through faith and love that the mission of the Church—to preach the Gospel—is accomplished. When we are in conflict with each other, and with entities that seek to serve the common good, there is a fundamental spiritual and social need to resolve such conflict.

The Office of Conciliation and Arbitration serves individuals and entities that are in conflict, but who seek reconciliation in a manner fitting for disciples, in keeping with the Scriptures, the principles of Catholic social teaching, and the Church’s canonical norms governing hierarchical recourse.

In fulfilling its mission, the Office of Conciliation and Arbitration recognizes four key principles of Catholic teaching: the value and dignity of the human person, the common good, participation, and justice. By applying these principles, we seek to restore a harmonious relationship among individuals and organizations.

In seeking to resolve conflicts, the Office of Conciliation and Arbitration encourages all participants in these processes:

  1. To acknowledge and call upon God in this process, in discourse and in prayer:

  2. To be respectful in speech and manner of acting;

  3. To open their hearts to the needs and voices of others, in the spirit of good will and justice;

  4. To recognize that no law can be as compelling as Christ’s commandment to love one another; and

  5. To recognize that the ultimate goal is to find Christ and His Love for us through a process of reconciliation with each other.

The Office of Conciliation and Arbitration offers its services as a simple and readily accessible response to human conflicts with the hope that it will help the people of the Diocese of Toledo to live as true disciples of Christ in a manner that gives witness to the Kingdom of God.

Conciliation and Arbitration Procedural Manual

Conciliation and Arbitration Petition and Agreements