Teacher Resources

Reading Materials

All are Welcome: Building the Capacity of Catholic Schools to Serve the Needs of Students with Disabilities, by Michael J. Boyle

Serving all Kids, No Exceptions: Education Week article

ESSA Spotlights Strategy to Reach Diverse Learners: Education Week article

Learning with Disabilities: ASCD Express

Autism in the Classroom: Strategies that Work! Article by Kathy Mears

Creating a Student Support Team: Article by Ellen Flies

Does Your Technology Assist Your Students? Article by Mary Westendorf

Sighted Guide Ohio (a voice for persons in Ohio with vision loss and blindness)

classroom teaching tools

Certified Autism Resources

Tar Heel Reader: Books for beginning readers of all ages

ONLINE classes

ASD Strategies in Action: Online classes free to Ohio teachers from OCALI

teaching modifications

Adaptations and Modifications for Students with Special Needs: TeacherVision

Accommodations Manual: Ohio Department of Education

LEGAL Information

Providing Service to Children with Disabilities: Ohio Nonpublic Guidelines

IDEA in Private Schools: U.S. Department of Education

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