Intentional Planning

What is Intentional Planning?

The Intentional Planning Ministry of the Diocese of Toledo strives to ensure that the resources of the Church are used to effectively spread the Gospel and meet the needs of the People of God. This is accomplished through ongoing conversation with the people of the diocese and tracking demographic trends to make recommendations to the bishop for the most effective, efficient, and evangelical organization of parish leadership. Intentional Planning also provides resources and support to parishes to navigate transitions and successfully collaborate. Finally, Intentional Planning assists parishes in local strategic planning, forming effective leadership teams, and striving to become vibrant communities.

History of Intentional Planning

The Intentional Planning Ministry of the Diocese of Toledo started as a result of the Diocesan Strategic Plan that began in 2019. Intentional Planning is part of Pillar #1 of this plan, "Supporting the Health of Parishes and Clergy". (Strategic Plan Summary)


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Our Team

Andrew Reinhart
Parish Life Coordinator, Planning & Healthy Parishes

Nathan Maurer

Parish Life Coordinator, Evangelization & Planning

Bret Huntebrinker
Senior Director, Department of Discipleship and Family Life