Council of Catholic Women

The Toledo Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (TDCCW) is composed of multiple women's parish organizations in the Diocese of Toledo. The TDCCW invites Catholic women to participate in opportunities which provide an increase awareness of current societal and moral issues in an effort to augment Catholic teachings and to educate women to respond with sound values when serving the Church.  The TDCCW offers opportunities for deepening spirituality and for faith enrichment.  

The TDCCW represents 19 counties in Northwest Ohio, which comprises the Toledo Diocese under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Toledo.  It was organized on April 11-12, 1928.

The TDCCW seeks to strengthen and to broaden the network of affiliated parish organizations by providing activities that respond to their needs and the needs of the Catholic Community. The TDCCW seeks to deepen spirituality, to provide motivation for evangelization, to provide educational opportunities for faith development, and challenge its member to respond with Gospel values in serving the Church and society.


TDCCW Goals:

  • To unite Catholic women's organizations and individual Catholic women of the diocese; to develop their spiritual growth; to motivate and to assist them to act upon current issues in the Church and society.
  • To be a medium through which the Catholic women of the diocese may speak and act on matters of concern.
  • To be a representative Catholic women's group in relating to other organizations and diocesan agencies dealing with current concerns.
  • To continue growth in a Christian relationship with women and men in the diocese.

Office: Pastoral Center
Department of Diocesan Pastoral Services
Evangelization and Pastoral Care of Parishes
1933 Spielbusch Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43604

Telephone: 419-244-6711
Fax: 419-244-4791

Nancy Morman

Vice President
Jan Kahle

Sue Hopkins

Judy Ruen

Leadership Commissioner
Susan Moore

Spirituality Commissioner
Diane Wasiniak

Service Commissioner
Irma Celestino

Communication Coordinator
Tammy Schroeder

The Spirituality Commission reinforces the growth in faith and supports service.  The Commission encourages spiritual growth through prayer, Scripture, reflection, Marian devotions and other opportunities for enriching our faith, and it encourages legislative advocacy guided by the Church's social teaching.  The Commission includes keeping abreast of USCCB social justice issues or updates and brings any issues to the attention of membership.  The commission encourages members to participate in Catholic women's conferences and encourages members to participate in spiritual TDCCW offerings.

The Service Commission focuses efforts concerned with issues such as family life, respect life, community concerns, domestic violence, pornography, and other outreach causes.  It educates members about Catholic Relief Services programs and other areas that impact social and family life.

The Leadership Commission promotes and facilitates activities to increase membership.  It implements ways to communicate with members and non-members such as bulletin announcements, news releases, affiliation news letters to help promote the work of the TDCCW.   The Commission facilitates hospitality and encourages members to attend TDCCW events.  Promotes the use of NCCW materials.

Annual TDCCW Conference – A fall event inviting diocesan women to come together for prayer, spiritual growth, faith enrichment, and social interaction.  

Annual Christmas Tea –  A social opportunity for TDCCW women to gather and to support a charitable cause.

Volunteer Recognition Day - An annual luncheon which applauds parish volunteers and affiliated TDCCW Women's Organizations for their parish service and works of mercy.

Spiritual Renewal Day – A day of reflection which includes an educational  presentation, Liturgy, Marian devotions.  Event is held at one of our local area Shrines.   

Leadership Education Days (LED) –  An annual program sponsored by the TDCCW Board Officers to assist and support parish affiliated officers and members through educational offerings on leadership skills and current issues.

Works of Peace – Affiliated members offering financial support to Catholic Relief Services for Help-A-Child, Refugee Women Fund, Madonna Shelter, Water for Life.

Adopt-A-Seminarian – A program which helps promote and support seminarians and consecrated women from the Toledo Diocese through prayers, cards, or other avenues of support.

The National Council of Catholic Women consists of thousand of Catholic women and affiliated (group) Catholic women's organizations in parishes and dioceses through the United States.  

The NCCW was founded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and is represented at the biannual meetings of the USCCB.  NCCW is a member of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations (WUCWO).  NCCW is a founding member and participant with the Religious Alliance Against Pornography and collaborates with Catholic Relief Services and Cross Catholic Outreach.

Mission Statement:
The National Council of Catholic women acts through its members to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service.  NCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the church and society in the modern world.

We Are..

  • A voice for American Catholic women today.
  • Transforming the world through prayer and action.
  • Uniting affiliated Catholic women's groups and individual Catholic women in the U.S.
  • Supporting social action through Gospel values.
  • Training Catholic women to become leaders at the intersection of Church and Society.
  • Providing a forum for Catholic women to speak and act on matter of mutual interest.

The Catholic Conference of Ohio was organized in 1945 by the late Archbishop John McNichols of Cincinnati. It is the second oldest State Bishops’ Conference in the United States (New York was the first). Originally known as the Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference, the name was changed by the Bishops of Ohio in 1967 to the Catholic Conference of Ohio.

The Catholic Conference of Ohio is the forum for the Bishops of Ohio to serve the Church, the state and people of Ohio by participating in the planning, promotion, conduct and supervision of activities which are sponsored by the Catholic Church in areas of community relationships. Of particular concern are areas of education, health and social issues and administrative services.

The Catholic Conference of Ohio represents the point of view of the Church on questions affecting the Church and public interests.