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Pontifical Mission Societies

Through the Pontifical Mission Societies – which include the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Missionary Childhood Association, Society of St. Peter Apostle, and the Missionary Union of Priests and Religious, every Catholic in every country has the opportunity to be a part of the continuing mission of the Church. Even the poorest in the developing world contribute to the mission needs of the Church worldwide.

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The Society for the Propagation of the Faith: Founded by the Venerable Pauline Jaricot, the Society for the Propagation of the Faith seeks prayer and sacrifice for the world’s missions, now some 1,150 dioceses in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and remote regions of Latin America. Help is offered for pastoral and evangelizing programs, for catechists and catechetical work, to build churches and chapels, for the work of religious communities in health care and education, and for communication and transportation needs.

Missionary Childhood Association: Today, MCA continues to follow the vision of founder Bishop Forbin-Janson – “children helping children.” After learning about the great needs of the world’s poorest children, young people are invited to pray and to offer financial help so that children in the missions today may know Christ and experience His love and care.

The Society of St. Peter Apostle: The goal of the Society of St. Peter has been to invite individuals to support the education of candidates for the Catholic priesthood in the developing world and to support the formation of men and women candidates for the religious life in the missions.

In its first year, the Society of St. Peter Apostle sent help for some 2,700 seminarians in the missions. Today, some 30,000 major seminarians, mostly in Africa and Asia , receive an annual subsidy of $700 per student.

Missionary Union of Priests and Religious: Today, this spiritual apostolate started by this Italian missionary continues to address itself to those called to bring Catholics to a better understanding of their baptismal responsibility for the church’s missionary work — to priests, religious, seminarians, pastoral leaders and those engaged in catechesis and religious education.

In fact, the success of the efforts of the three other missionary societies is linked to the vitality of the Missionary Union, because it is through this work that the missionary spirit –– a spirit of prayer and generous sacrifice — is developed and nurtured. Animators inspiring other animators to carry out the baptismal mandate to "go to all nations and proclaim the 'Good News'" is what inspires so many men and women, religious and lay to witness and share their faith with so many more.

Beginning New Associations with:

SEPI (South East Pastoral Institute and regional office for Hispanic Ministry): SEPI is an educational and service organization that assists the Catholic bishops of nine southeastern states in the training and development of a Hispanic leadership, to help integrate the community into the life of the Church and society.

Mater Ecclesiae College in Rome: Established more than three decades ago, the College is based on the vital role consecrated women play within local communities in the Mission. Religious Sisters from around the world come for further studies. The formation provided enhances the quality of service these Sisters offer to the world's poor and vulnerable, and assist in the Church's growth and presence in mission countries.

Particular Programs:

Holy Buckets (MCA) helps the Missionary Childhood Association carry the Catholic faith and love of Jesus around the world.

World Missions Rosary: Each decade calls to mind an area where the Church continues her evangelizing mission.

Prayer and Penny Week serves as MCA’s Lenten prayer and sacrifice program for Grades K-8 as well as Grades 9-12.

Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center was established in the eastern portion of Kentucky to strengthen and increase the resources of the diocese. By doing so, they will be able to continue to reach people - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - who are in material or spiritual need or who are experiencing family crisis.


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