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Resources for Parish Catechesis

"At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Person, the Person of Jesus of Nazareth... The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ..."

- National Directory for Catechesis (NDC), p 55

understANDING catechesis

The object of catechesis is communion with Jesus Christ. Catechesis leads people to enter the mystery of Christ, to encounter him, and to discover themselves and the meaning of their lives in him.

Sacramental Preparation

Preparation and Reception of the Sacraments of Initiation (new guidelines reflecting the above policy are currently being drafted)

Rite of Christian Initiation

Diocese of Toledo RCIA Handbook

Making Disciples: Comprehensive Catechesis for RCIA Catechumenate

For Participants

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults — adaptable for use with high school age in RCIA context

"Understanding the Catechism" series (RCL) — this series has 4 volumes with a teacher's guide for each: Creed, Liturgy & Sacraments, Morality, Prayer

Our Catholic Identity Catechism Workbooks (RCL) — the adult version can be used with teens, and there are also books for grades 1–8

US Bishops' Catechetical Guidance

List of texts conforming to Catechism per US Bishops

Bishops' Catechetical Framework for High School Age Materials

Bishops' Guidelines for Catechetical Formation in Chaste Living


Ave Maria Press

Catholicism Series - CR Publications

Consecrated in Truth Program

Faith First


Ignatius Press

Loyola Press

Midwest Theological Forum

Our Sunday Visitor

Pauline Books and Media

Priory Press Dominican Series



St. Mary's Press


Catechetical Leader


Lay Witness

Religion Teacher's Journal

The Sower


Vatican's Holy See

USCCB (US Bishops)

Catechism of Catholic Church online

New American Bible online


National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL)

National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM)