Charities Open Positions

Case Manager - The Opportunity Kitchen - Catholic Charities, Toledo

Position Summary

  • Serves as a liaison to help identify and link students with appropriate resources to support, educate, empower, and encourage student growth in a safe and predictable environment.

  • Works directly with students and community service providers to develop and implement a plan based on the student’s specific needs, with the goal of achieving sustained student employment.
  • Maintains student case files, enters student data in tracking databases, tracks and reports data for monthly statistics, grant, and other reporting needs.

Top Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, in the area of Social Work, Psychology, or Sociology, with 1-3 years of relevant work experience in a social services environment preferred.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Word.

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Apply to: Yvonne Tertel, HR Manager at

(Posted November 9, 2023)

Staff Guardian - Adult Advocacy Services, Catholic Charities, Mansfield

Catholic Charities – Diocese of Toledo is seeking a full-time Staff Guardian to serve as an advocate for court-appointed wards in our Mansfield Regional office.


  • Act in the best interest of the ward by using discretion and independent judgment when making decisions and exercising specific rights.

  • Adhere to the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Superintendence Rule 66, as administered by the Probate Court.

  • Address issues and arrange for interventions related to health care, psychological functioning, financial affairs, family relationships, and living arrangements for the ward.

Top Qualifications:

  • Candidate must have high school degree or GED, with 3 years of experience in social services environment preferred

  • Ability to be bonded if acting as a Guardian of the Estate, where mandated by the Probate Court

  • Experience working with and advocacy for elderly and impaired populations is desired

  • Willingness to make a long-term commitment to serve individual wards

For more information, please go here.

Apply to: Yvonne Tertel, HR Manager for Catholic Charities -

(Posted November 2, 2023)